Dust Mite Covers Are Effective

A research study found evidence that people who have allergic asthma and use dust mite-impermeable bed covers have improved peak flow measurements for asthma sufferers. Morning peak flow is an important asthma-related lung-function measurement factor that can show how well a person's asthma is under control. Lisette van dem Bemt, Msc, Maastricht University, The Netherlands, and colleagues studied 52 allergic asthma patients to determine the effectiveness of dust mite covers in reducing allergy and asthma symptoms.

Patients were randomly divided into either an intervention group receiving nonpolyurethane dust mite covers, or a placebo group receiving covers dust mites can permeate. During the study period, daily peak flow and asthma symptom scores were recorded, and dust samples from the mattresses were taken.

87 Percent Reduction in Dust Mites

The study found that use of dust mite-impermeable covers resulted in an 87 percent reduction of dust mite allergens. Upon follow-up, researchers noted that the morning peak flow measurements of the patients in the intervention group improved significantly.

The study concluded that dust mite avoidance measures, such as the use of bed covers, may have beneficial effects on not only allergen reduction, but also in approving asthma symptoms. Past studies have shown that using bed covers reduces allergens, but this study is the first to show a link between allergen reduction and improved morning peak flow readings.

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